AT&T can move forward with $85 billion bid for Time Warner merging1

AT&T can move forward with $85 billion bid for Time Warner merging

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who is at&t trying to buy?. AT&T Inc, which is world’s largest telecommunication company will buy Time Warner, which is the world’s third largest entertainment company in the world.

AT&T won court approval on last Tuesday(12-06-2018) to buy Time Warner company for $85 billion. AT&T company’s lead attorney said on Tuesday that U.S. court decide that it merge as per the deal, but no later than 20th June 2018. Shortly after the decision was issued, AT&T attorney Daniel Petrocelli inform the reporters outside of the courthouse. This deal will bring the big names like HBO, CNN and Warner Bros. movie studios under one roof. As of now AT&T giving services like wireless phone service, wireline internet or broadcast satellite TV etc. But now after merging with world’s third largest entertainment company ‘Time Warner’ it will also provide video online as well. at&t merger news is all around the world immediately after the deal final. Final status of at&t time warner merger will be decide on 20th June 2018.

A federal judge already reject the government’s argument, which say that it may harm the competition in pay Television. And it may cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars more to stream TV and movies.

Richard Leon, United States district Judge did not force any conditions that would have cause AT&T to finish the deal.

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company as of now. Its headquarter in Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas, United States.

In a report, Media executives inform that content creation for the audience must be creative to stay in the competitive market against the big technology companies like Amazon and Netflix etc. Before these companies produce their own videos and shows since long time. But now as per the demand of users they spend billions of dollars in order to create app so that users can watch the video at their home. They can browse vidoe on mobile phone, computers or other devices. This create pressure on regular media industries to provide better service to users time to time. Though Some of the AT&T cable competitors will be affected with this deal.

AT&T time warner stocks affected after the deal. AT&T stock after time warner deal goes down around 1.6%. Whereas Time Warner stock rise up to 4.9% only with in an hour. We can say that at&t merger news a big news of the business industry. Other global companies like T-Mobile US Inc, Sprint Corp, CBS Corp, Dish Network Corp, Discovery Inc and Viacom etc shares also rise. Also stock market shares of Express Scripts Holding Co


is the largest United States telecommunications company first offer an agreement in 2016 to buy Time Warner in order to get TV and film contents.
Comcast was also prepare to bid for Fox’s assets. There was a competition with Disney, which agree to pay a big amount of $52 billion. AT&T company officials inform that a bigger company can give more benefits to its customers. Because it have many options to give new features to customers like a cheaper streaming service. AT&T & time warner merger deal will be the fourth largest deal ever made in the global telecom sector, media and entertainment.

Time Warner

is the world’s third largest entertainment company in the world, having headquarter in New York City. Time Warner come to existence by merging of Time Inc. and Warner Communications. Currently this company providing services in film and television.

AT&T can move forward with $85 billion bid for Time Warner merging
AT&T can move forward with $85 billion bid for Time Warner merging

Though on 22nd October 2016, AT&T company announce a big offer to acquire Time Warner for $108.7 billion. This including assumed Time Warner debt as well. Merging proposal confirm on 12th June 2018. Though there are three divisions of Time Warner company as of now. Sony, CBS Corporation, 21st Century Fox, Viacom etc are the biggest competitors of Time Warner in the media field.

As per the Thomson Reuters data, It would be the 12th largest deal in any sector in the history.

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