800 Kg 'Khichdi' World Record Attempt

khichdi : 800kg Cooked for World Record- Ramdev adds ‘Tadka’

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The team work in which khichdi had been cooked with weight of 1,262kg.The wok itself was estimated to weigh around 300kg. Officials from Guinness World Records were yet to confirm if a record had been made.

Takda Preparations :-

The night-long preparations to make the dish were supervised by chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev put the crowning ‘tadka’ in the dish. After it cooked in a 1000-litre wok before an audience comprising ministers, delegates, ambassadors and foodies.

800 Kg 'Khichdi' World Record Attempt
800 Kg ‘Khichdi’ World Record Attempt

A team of nearly two dozen people cooked over 800kg of khichdi. A traditional rice-dal dish.Which on Saturday in an attempt to enter Guinness World Records at World Food India fair in Delhi. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev added to the star power at the event by making the ‘tadka’ for the dish.

The dish prepare with nutritious ingredients from diverse parts of the country. Rice, moong dal, bajra, jowar and Indian spices will be steam-cooked for the preparation before it is served to the audience on Saturday.

A person involved in the cooking said, “A portion of the khichdi will be send to all the heads of foreign missions in India, along with the recipe”. The mega khichdi preparation is part of the ‘Great Indian Food Street’ at the festival. That features street food from 20 states. The wok to put up on a concrete stand, was the centre of attraction among those who visited the festival on Friday.

800 Kg 'Khichdi' World Record Attempt
800 Kg ‘Khichdi’ World Record Attempt

The humble dish ‘khichdi’ took the centre stage. The buzz started when it announced that the dish would be showcase as Brand India food. It will be on a November 4 World Food India event. The dish selected as it symbolise India’s unity in diversity.


Though Khichdi start trending on social media right after the announcement. With people whipping up a debate. On Thursday, Harsimrat Kaur Badal put an end to the rumours and tweeted, “Enough Khichdi cooked up on a fictitious ‘National Dish’. It selected for a record entry in #WorldFoodIndia”

Rajeev Kumar, a private company employee from Noida sector 63 said, “I came to know about khichdi event through social media. I made it a point to visit and see it. I didn’t know that the cooking event is on Saturday”.

Though the Chef Kapoor tell, “The world should know whatever we have been processing. The intent is to promote Indian culinary in front of a global audience and in a way benefit farmers at the grass root level.”

Apart from the khichdi event, the food street also promotes traditional products like ‘daap chingri’. It is a traditional Bengali recipe of prawns. Cooked in mustard with filled inside a coconut. Besides, it has a stalls displaying ITC products, Ayurvedic foods and South Indian fish cuisines, among others.

Kapoor said, “The underlying message is food processing with a dash of culture. Taste and mystery to generate excitement among people who want to invest in India”. Organisers said the event focuses on the globalisation of Indian and heritage foods.

Also the event comprises cookery demonstrations by chefs. Such as Ranveer Brar, Saransh Goila, Imtiaz Qureshi and Kavneet Sahni, among others.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, minister of state for food processing said ,”The food street celebrates food traditions of India. Which are more than capable of imbibing beautifully with any world cuisines”.

The festival inaugurated on World Food India event at India Gate lawns in New Delhi. Where the night-long preparations supervise by chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

khichdi preparation by sanjeev kapoor

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