ways to identify the Fake Job Offer

Tips: 5 ways to identify the Fake Job Offer

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India has seen a rise in the Fake Job Offer along with an increase in online job searches.
Scammers are more active online now, preying on vulnerable and desperate job seekers. The government of India release some helpful information to determine if the job offer is “genuine” or “fake” in response to the issue of fraudulent job notifications.

Five ways to detect a Fake Job Offer provided by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs:

1. It may be a symptom of employment fraud if you receive the appointment letter immediately after the initial conversation with the company.

2. Another warning sign in the appointment or offer letter is an unspecific job requirement or job description.

3. Take note of the email’s wording. If it is written improperly, it can be a hoax.

4. If a potential employer requests private information while conducting an interview. Don’t give such information in any circumstance.

5. It can also be a hoax if employer asking you to pay for employment offers.

The government claims that anyone who has been a victim of cybercrime can file a complaint at official website cybercrime.gov.in.

Last month, the External Affairs Ministry issued a warning against “fake employment rackets offering attractive positions and incomes” to young people and job candidates.

The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) said that the so many people had been imprisoned in the Myawaddy region of Myanmar.

And all those people were being forced to labor in inhumane conditions.


The MEA said that ethnic armed gangs are in power and that they are holding numerous other foreign nationals, including Indians.

On October 8, the Center inform that it had saved 130 employees from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia regions. All these people had been seduced by “false employment rackets offering rich opportunities.”

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin inform that 300 Indians, including about 50 Tamilnadu state, were being kept hostage in Myanmar. And this is very serious situation.

Similar schemes are active in other countries also.

The fraud networks, which frequently have ties to international organized crime, are high to establish in nations with weak law enforcement.

They offer big job offers to the educated young people with promises of huge wages.

However, if someone accepts the fake job offer then will then face isolation and the danger of violence.

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