Why People Smoke more in IT (Information Technology) industry

Why People Smoke more in IT (Information Technology) industry

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Working in IT(Information Technology) industry will give you lots of benefits. You need to perform well all the time in the industry and need to upgrade yourself. If you will not upgrade yourself, you will lack behind in the industry. And that is the main reason Why People Smoke more in IT industry.

The cost to perform well all the time is very expensive.Hence give you lots of tensions and health issues.

Why are people starting to smoke, or why do you smoke?

Why do people smoke, or reasons to smoke cigarettes may vary from person to person? At present we all are aware of the effects of smoking on our body. There are many advertisements showing in the television and news channels, showcase for their products without knowing the benefits of smoking. But hardly there is any awareness about how to stop smoking.

After spending very nice 4 years in Collage/University, now its time to start thinking for future. Through out the 4 years, you did not read about the aptitude test or interview questions. But on the day of campus placement, you get surprise by aptitude test rather syllabus you read through out the year. After spending years and lots of money, now its necessary to grab a job. It gives you stress and tension. And that’s the reason Why do people mostly smoke in most of the cases.

Life of a Software Engineer is slightly different form others.

Why do most of the IT people smoke?/ Why People Smoke?

Well, there can be many reasons for this. Below are few


If you become angry on normal talk with your colleagues or family members. It straight forward means that you are stressed. Working for long hours doing coding, testing, again coding, testing create the stress on the professionals. So professionals start smoking to release the stress & the reasons to smoke cigarettes. They just start with 1 cigarette but later number of cigarettes increase as stress increase. This will affect your health and create health issues.

Night Shifts:

Not all, but most of IT(Information Technology) professionals work in night shifts. This is also the main reason that, “Why People Smoke.” Usually people start smoking to stay awake as cigarettes contain nicotine. You feel better as it act as receptor in the brain. If you consume 30 to 60 mg or 0.8mg/kilo amount of nicotine, it will kill you.

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Movies factor or Celebrity influence:

One research shows that out of 75 TV episodes, 40 percent’s shows tobacco (especially cigarettes) at least once. People influenced by Movies celebrities. Lots of people consider them as their idol and would like to follow their day to day life style. Celebrities can often see by holding a cigar or cigarettes in many movies. No one raise question that Why do people smoke socially? As it can have bad impact on their social status.

Freedom to Smoke:

Every country has its own rules and regulations for ban on smoking. If we talk about India, smoking is ban below 18 years. But there is not restrictions nor any penalty if people will not follow the rule. In Pakistan more than 100,000 died people every year due to lung cancer. China is number one in the list of world’s largest consumer and producer of tobacco. Offering cigarettes at any social event is consider as respect in China. A professor in China complained that his 3-years old grandson knew what Marlboro is, even no one in the family smokes. Around 300 million smokers in china consume 30% of the worlds tobacco. United States of America spend $96 billion in direct medical expenses every year. 13% people from age of 18 to 24 years old smoke in USA.

Status symbol:

People do everything to maintain their standard in the society. They feel like holding a cigarette in hand will make them a VIP. This is very common in the developed countries. 10% consumption decreases but 67% increase in developing countries since 1967, as per WHO(world health organization).


Why People Smoke drink but not all people who drink smoke? This is the common question. All smokers aware about the serious results of smoking. And many of them try many times to quit smoking as well. Still a lot of people can not quit as they are addicted now.

Tobacco consumption rate become triple in China in last 15 years. Tobacco manufacturing companies spend huge amount in the marketing of its products in China.

Now people can not leave tobacco products as they become addicted to use it. Humans perform things without analyzing its effect in the future. When someone realizes the bad effects of smoking in the later future, its too late that time.


Why People Smoke First time, presence of nicotine increases the levels of dopamine and epinephrine in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for pleasure whereas Epinephrine maintain glucose levels in blood. That is the reason that if the smoker wants to quit smoking, brain expect the same level of pleasure. When a brain did not get that same level of pleasure, it sends the signal to dopamine and epinephrine and smoker can’t leave smoking at any cost.

Benefits of Non-smoking:

  • Red Lips: It is said that smoking affects the lips, lips of the smoker become black with smoking. But on the other hand, non-smoker lips will be red.
  • Good sleep: Non – Smoker can sleep easily as there is no sleep disorder with him.
  • Less stress and Good health
  • Less chance of lung cancer
  • Fewer chances of throat cancer

How to quit smoking?

Below are the activities for you to quit smoking, which will help you a lot.

  • Take short break from the hectic work.
  • Seek help from seniors when stuck in coding/testing rather go for smoking.
  • Do regular Exercise.
  • Wake up early & go for a walk.
  • Use chew gum or hard candy with you and eat it when you feel smoking.
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Drink lots of liquid through out the day.
  • Do yoga especially deep breathing.
  • Plan and do some activity.
  • Make some non smoking friends.

Share this information with your friends, who smoke and can not quit it.

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