Thornton Walmart shooter fired at random

Thornton Walmart Shooter Fired at Random | 3 dead | Witnesses said

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Avila said, “This is a very heinous act. “We do not know exactly what was the motive of the person, but it was certainly a terrible act and Thornton Walmart shooter fired”.

Police spokesman Victor Avila described suspect as a white male wearing a black jacket, maroon shirt and blue jeans. He left the store in the same calm demeanor he entered in. The suspect left the scene in a red 4-door Mitsubishi Mirage and is still at large.

Witnesses told Thornton Police the suspect in a deadly Walmart shooting “calmly” walked into the store Wednesday night. He took out a hand gun and began firing randomly at people. Two men and a woman die.

Police originally reported “multiple parties are down” after they get call around 6 p.m. to the store located at 9901 Grant Street in Thornton. The store was evacuated as authorities arrived on scene.

Police found the victims in the south entrance. The two men were dead at the scene. Authorities have yet to identify the victims.

No other physical injuries reported. However, police say several people received medical attention for anxiety.

Special agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were helping police in the investigation.

The shooting at the busy shopping center forced customers to either hide in the store or frantically run for the doors.

Harold Stevens told that he was in the store with his son when he heard at least three shots. He said an employee directed him and his son to a back door where they were able to safely escape.
Denver 7 will continue to follow this story as it develops. See below for

live updates :-

11:15 p.m – Though police release surveillance photos of the suspect described as white male wearing a black jacket, maroon shirt and blue jeans. He left the store in the same calm as he entered in. The suspect left the scene in a red 4-door Mitsubishi Mirage.

10:10 p.m – Thornton PD confirms the third victim has died.

9:29 p.m – Adams County Coroner arrives on scene.

9:13 p.m – Thornton PD detectives currently reviewing security footage & witnesses being interviewed.

9:10 p.m – Informed law enforcement source tells Denver7. More than 200 witnesses need to be interview.

8:50 p.m – Ranking Homeland Security Official tells Denver7. There is no known terrorism links at this time.

8:49 p.m – Deputy says RTD was caring 40 to 50 people away from the scene and to the Thorton Police Department.

8:26 p.m – Thornton PD expects to release more information during an upcoming press conference.

8:18 p.m – Denver7 crew reports seeing ATF officers on scene.

8:04 p.m – Thornton PD confirms 2 adult men killed.  An adult woman critically injured in the shooting.

7:45 p.m – Families informed to meet at 102nd and Grant.

7:30 p.m – Thornton PD says the scene is no longer an active shooter situation and that an active crime scene investigation is ongoing.

7:23 p.m – Aurora PD tweeted that their SWAT team was heading to the Thornton scene to help as needed.

7:18 p.m The FBI is en route to assist in the shooting investigation.

Investigators informed that there is no indication that terrorism was a motive. But have not ruled anything out at this point. They are still interviewing hundreds of witnesses and going through surveillance video.

Video : Thornton Walmart shooter fired


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