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Thomas fire Getting worst | Hundreds of homes in Danger

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Thomas fire Getting worst as this is the fourth largest fire since 1932.
#After sunset Friday, the fire was relatively calm.
#But firefighters scare that may rise up to 40 mph as wind. That start blowing from the north directly to the south in this canyon.
# If fire gets into the canyon community and wind blowing with flames. Then there is nothing to stop the blaze from entering into the homes of Montecito.
#Firefighters have shower the hills in hundreds of thousands of gallons of fire in attempt to stop the fire
#There was a limit to how much flammable vegetation could be burned in a controll manner before the Thomas fire arrived at the canyon.
#Mark Brown, a fire operations commander said its too risky to attempt a controll burn there during days of stubborn winds because it may create another large fire.
#Mr. Mark added If the winds catch the flames well enough to send the blaze running south down the canyon toward Montecito then we won’t stop the spreadign fire.
#There may be thousands of homes may be in the fire’s potential way.
#More than 300 engine crews are posted along road shoulders.
#Brown said, We are doing anything and everything so to keep the community safe.
#Johnson said, This is a significant event and we want everybody to be ready.If you’re in one of the warning areas … be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
#Red flag warnings use by the weather service in 2004 and are intend to alert fire agencies to hot, dry and windy conditions that foster wildfires.
#The Thomas fire has killed two people, including a firefighter on Thursday
#It destroy more than 1,000 structures, and damaged hundreds more.
#Firefighters estimate the blaze has so far cost $96.9 million to fight.
#There were an estimate of 8,300 firefighters battling the fire Friday
#Authorities worry that wind will push the fire towards south,where there is billions of dollars’ worth of property.
#The Thomas fire already distroy more than 900 structures in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Video of Thomas fire -huge Flames:-

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