The super blue blood moon makes first appearance since 1866

Live SUPER Blue Blood Moon | Rare view in Lifetime

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On Monday 2019, The SUPER Blue Blood Moon makes first appearance since 1866.

Early risers in USA will get a chance to watch a rare Blue Blood Moon of Wednesday.

The blue moon indicate to the second full moon in a single calendar month.

The super moon is when a full moon is at its closest point in orbit to Earth. The total lunar eclipse will make the moon appear red, a blood moon.

There are 5 things to know About the Super Blue Blood Moon, Why its called Super Blue Blood Moon?

#The eclipse will last about 3.5 hours, beginning at 3:48 am Pacific Time.

#The best view will be on the West Coast and right here, in the player above.

#Guide4info is providing live coverage of the super blue blood moon eclipse.

#This is the first such lunar trifecta visible in the Sky since 1866.

Below is the timings to watch full Blue Blood Moon in USA:-

#Washington DC – 7.51am to 9.07am
#New York City – 7.51am to 9.07am
#Chicago – 6.51am to 8.07am
#Kansas City – 6.51am to 8.07am
#Denver – 5.51am – 7.07am
#Phoenix – 5.51am – 7.07am
#Los_Angeles – 4.51am to 6.07am
#Seattle – 4.51am to 6.07am

Live : The super blue blood moon makes first appearance since 1866

What is Lunar eclipse in the Sky?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth Shadow.This can occur only when the three planets sun, Earth, and moon align or close to each other.Mainly a lunar eclipse can occur only the night of a full moon.

What is Blood moon in the Sky?

A totally eclipsed moon is sometimes refer to as a “Blood Moon” due to its reddish color.
Blood Moon is not a scientific term or not defined anywhere in the history but its known as due to the reddish color seen on a Super Moon during the lunar eclipse.

When Lunar eclipse occur in the Sky?

#Lunar eclipse series sets from 1998–2002
#Lunar eclipse series sets from 2002–2005
#2006–2009 – Lunar eclipse series
#Lunar eclipse series sets from 2009–2013
#2013–2016 – Lunar eclipse series
#Lunar eclipse series sets from 2016–2020

What is a first blue moon total eclipse in 150 years?

To locate first blue moon depends upon your location & time zone. Its true only for time zones in and around the Americas, not for the rest of the world. The last time that we had a total eclipse blue moon – showing in world time in December 30, 1982

The maximal eclipse in Dubai will be visible at 6.04pm. The partial eclipse in Dubai will end at 7.11pm.

Lunar eclipse in Chinese culture

In some Chinese cultures, people ring bells to prevent a dragon or other wild animals from biting the moon. In the nineteenth century, during a lunar eclipse, the Chinese navy fired its artillery because of that.

According to NASA,the next blue moon total lunar eclipse won’t be until December 31, 2028.

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