Steps for applying Pakistani passport

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Online Pakistani Passport

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We bring all the steps for you to apply Online Pakistani Passport.

Steps for applying Online Pakistani Passport

You are now ready to apply online, Below are the steps

1) Click on the Get Started button.
Register your account :
#In case you are within Pakistan, an SMS and email code will be sent to you for registration.
#In case you are abroad all required codes will be sent via email only.

NOTE: Users already registered in Pak-identity system can log in from their registered Pak-identity Username and Password
#Create an application for Renewal of your machine readable passport and provide details for your application.
#Provide your address for machine readable passport delivery.
#Pay Fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card.
NOTE: DGI&P has a NO REFUND POLICY against any application initiated/submitted for issuance of Machine readable passport. Applicant is requested to thoroughly review information and guidelines provided in the website

2) Provide the required personal details.
NOTE: Currently the home delivery option is only available for limited number of countries.

3) Provide your present and permanent addresses.
4) Upload your photograph.
5) Upload the supporting documents required by the application.
6) Download the form, capture the 4 fingerprints asked by the system.
7) Set the scanner at 600 DPI, JPEG/JPG and Grayscale. Scan and upload the form.
8) Review the information you provided, sign the declaration and then submit the application.

How long will the Online Application Process for Online Pakistani Passport take?

The following table will guide you for the approximate time taken to complete an online application, assuming that you fulfill all the requirements : (below estimated time depends upon you internet speed also)

Estimated Completion Time for Online Pakistani Passport: 

Sr No Activities Renewal
1. Register user 3 min
2. Select application category 2 min
3. Give passport delivery details 2 min
4. Pay fee 5 min
5. Provide personal information 2 min
6. Provide Address details 3 min
7. Upload photograph 2 min
8. Upload supporting documents 2 min
9. Print, scan and upload fingerprint form 10 min
10. Review and Submit application 2.5 min
Total Approximate time  33.5 min

What Documents are required?

Supporting Documents
The following documents are required when applying for renewal of your Machine readable passport online :


A) Copy of your Computerized National Identity Card.
B)Copy of your Old Passport (First Two pages).
C) Attestation Form for Minors (in case of minor).
D) No-Objection Certificate(NOC) (In case of employee of the Government of Pakistan.)
E) Apart from the above documents , you may also require the following documents , depending upon the nature of your Application


If the applicant is less than 18 years of age. The following documents may be required in addition to the mandatory documents:

F) NICOP or Family Registration Certificate(FRC) (FRC and NICOP can be processed online. For more details visit –
G) National ID Card copy of parents.
H) Copy of Computerized B- Form.
I) Copy of Death Certificate if mother or father is passed away.
J) Guardianship certificate.

Government Employees
If the applicant is an employee of the Government of Pakistan. The following documents will be required:

K) No-Objection Certificate(NOC) for Government Employee.
L) No-Objection Certificate(NOC) for Armed forces employee.
M) No-Objection Certificate(NOC) for employee of Autonomous Body.

Application Fee for Online Pakistani Passport:

Though the following table will give you the approximate cost involve in applying for renewal of your machine readable passport online. Also you can check your passport authority for more details. However these figures will you to prepare your application.

Fee for New Passport with 10 YEARS Validity
Category Fee Service Charges Total(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.5,400/- Rs.2500( + Applicable taxes) Rs.7,900/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.9,000/- Rs.11,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.9,900/- Rs.12,400/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.16,200/- Rs.18,700/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.10,800/- Rs.13,300/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.21,600/- Rs.24,100/-

Fees for Renewal of Passport

Below is the charges for passport renewal :

Fee for 05 YEARS Validity
Category Fee Service Charges Total(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.3,000/- Rs.2500( + Applicable taxes) Rs.5,500/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.5,000/- Rs.7,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.5,500/- Rs.8,000/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.9,000/- Rs.11,500/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.6,000/- Rs.8,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.12,000/- Rs.14,500/-

NOTE: The above fees are exclusive of delivery charges. The table below shows delivery charges.

Delivery Location Delivery Charges
Pakistan Rs.250/-
Abroad Subject to Country of Delivery
Passport Office (including Foreign missions) Free of Cost.
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