Bus that fell down from a steep cliff near Peru's ocean-side capital Lima on Tuesday

PERU-Lima bus Accident Updates : Passengers Relatives Enquiry

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PERU-Lima bus Accident -The bus was carrying 55 passengers when it hit with an oncoming trailer truck around midday.The bus slide off the road about 48 kilometers north of Lima. That location known as Pasamayo. This accident throw bus in a beach 260 feet below from the cliff.
The bus that fell down from a steep cliff near Peru’s ocean-side capital Lima on Tuesday. The death toll has reached 48.

National news agency Xinhua earlier update that at least 36 people died and several others injured due to the accident.
Eye vitness said that the coach was carrying 55 people.

Video & Images of the crash bus on the beach showed the wreckage of the bus. That fell upside down on the rocky shoreline. the depth is around 100 meters below the highway.

People asking updates for PERU-Lima bus Accident.

The winding Pacific Ocean road is one of the most dangerous in Peru.

Rescue workers were using a helicopter to remove the bodies and extract the other pessangers. who have been taken to the near by hospitals. Peruvian police workign for injured and dead bodies along craggy rocks and on the beach.

Officials said earlier that the trailer truck was driving in wrong lane and was to blame for the accident.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Peru’s President said that this is “painful for the whole country to suffer an accident of this magnitude”

Some Facts about this road :-
#Traffic accidents are common along Peru’s roadways; more than 2,600 people were killed in 2016.
#More than three dozen died when three buses and a truck collided in 2015 on the main coastal highway.
#Around Twenty people were killed in November. When a bus slip from bridge into a river in the southern Andes.
#The passengers were returning to Lima after celebrating the New Year’s holiday with family outside the city, in Tuesday’s crash.

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