Nottingham rail station caught fire -60 Firefighters tackle with fire

Nottingham rail station caught fire | 60 Firefighters tackle with fire

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60 firefighters tackle major blaze in the Nottingham rail station this morning. Which is closed full day.There is huge traffic jam on the nearby roads.

The fire cause to shut Nottingham train station this morning. It affects the rail users who want to travel from Derby to Nottingham.

Major rail services to Nottingham either delayed or cancelled. But there is alternate options available to the people.
TrentBarton- A Bus operator operating the Red Arrow Bus non stop bus service between the two cities after every 10 minutes.
These Buses can be taken from Derby Bus Station & available in the Morledge.
They use the A52 to get to Nottingham. Where they drop passengers off at
#Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical_Centre
Travel times between Derby Bus Station and Victoria Station take around 45 minutes.

Bus schedule available at

Departure Schedule of Red Arrow Bus from from Derby Bus Station:-

Passengers can also take a Yellow cab from train station at Derby. A taxi cost would be between £30 and £50.

Some taxi companies also offering fixed price travel from Derby to Nottingham. Western Cars are one of them which is charging £30 for a taxi from Derby to Nottingham.

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