LIVE- President Trump at DAVOS World Economic Forum 2018 Switzerland

LIVE: President Trump at DAVOS World Economic Forum 2018 Switzerland

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President Donald Trump often use foreign travel to distract from controversy back home. And in Davos, Trump in World Economic Forum 2018 sought to divert the spotlight from the developments involving special counsel Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump on Friday pushed his “America First” message abroad as news broke at home. That he had tried to fire the special counsel investigating him.

Trump did not address the bombshell report that he try to fire Robert Mueller. Who is investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia for 2016 election meddling as well as possible obstruction of justice charges against the President.

He stuck closely to a script that emphasize favorable conditions for making money in the United States.

The President donned a salesman’s hat on Friday, hailing the success from his first year in office. Rather than using the platform of the World Economic Forum to rail against globalization.

Donald Trump speech conclude that Trump strayed from his pro-business platitudes. And into the brash pronouncements about the media and Democrats that usually pepper his speeches.

The President’s tone was mute during much of his address. Particularly compared to the booming enthusiasm he has shown on the campaign trail when railing against globalization.

America is roaring back and now is the time to invest in the future of America. He pointing to tax cuts, regulatory reform and new energy resources.

An honest discussion on trade was not feature in the speech, including how withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

United States on the sidelines as the role of China and other countries rise. Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his appearance at Davos. To announce the finalization of the TPP agreement – without the United States.

Trump and his aides anticipate a wary welcome to Davos by the businessmen and political leaders who flock annually to this snowy town.

The strongest bonds Trump had with his audience, including many business titans from the United States and across the world.

Despite his well-known brand name but He had never before invite to the World Economic Forum.  But they watched and waited to take their leave.

Though Trump left quickly for his ride on Marine One above across the Swiss Alps to Zurich and his flight aboard Air Force One to Washington.

LIVE: President Trump at DAVOS World Economic Forum 2018 Switzerland

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