Laser eye Surgery - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Laser eye Surgery | Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Question : What is laser eye surgery?
Answer : This surgery is used to improve the refractive state of the eye. Also this is used to reduce the use of glass. This can be use for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism also use to correct common vision problems. Usually Ophthalmologist or One who has experience with the LASIK Eye Surgery perform do this surgery.

Question : What is the short form of laser eye surgery?
Answer : This is also called as LASIK or Lasik.

Question : Is Lasik successful or not?
Answer : In most of the cases patients get 20/20 vision after this surgery. But all people can not get same results. Some may have to wear glasses after the surgery for certain time as per doctor advise. This sergery has tremendous success record over the time period. but in certain cases some complications can occur if doctor advise is not followed. Very race case when patient losses his/her vision.

Question : What are the risk in Lasik surgery?
Answer : After the surgery,

  • for the first six months you may feel dryness in the eyes. This may lead to the poor vision. if so, you must use eye-drops recommended by your doctor to prevent dryness.
  •  You may have issues seeing at night time. mostly in viewing the lights in the dark. patients can face this issue from few days to weeks.
  •  you may not get clear vision if laser remove deficient tissues from your eyes. its called Under-corrections. This issues usually occur with the patients who have near-sight issues.Patients may have to gone through another LASIK operation to get relieve.
  • if laser remove excessive tissues from patients eye then also issues for eyes. its called Over-corrections. it may be difficult to fix than Under-corrections.

Question : What is the minimum age for laser eye surgery?
Answer : There is no specific age limit for this surgery. But experts perform this above 18 years. Main reason is eye keep on changing at childhood time. But children also having eyes problems gone through this surgery.

Question : Can you drive after laser eye surgery?
Answer : No, You must have some one to drive for you while returning to home after surgery. Your eyes are sensitive to sunlight and this may cause to drop water from eyes. This may lead to vision lose.

Question : How long after laser eye surgery can you shower?
Answer : yes, You can take bath or shower after Laser eye surgery. But make sure to prevent eyes from shampoo or soap for at least one week. Do not rub your eyes with towel or avoid swimming also till two weeks.

Question : How long does laser eye surgery last for?
Answer : With modern LASIK techniques, only one or two percent patients need enhancement with in 12 months. Almost One percent patients need enhancement after the surgery to maintain their best vision.

Question : How long do you have to wear sunglasses after laser eye surgery?
Answer : Actually this factor depends upon the doctor advice. But you may have to wear sun-glass with in first week of LASIK surgery. Also make sure that you do not rub your eyes with towel for minimum one month and do not wear eye make up for one week.

Question : Which are the best Hospitals for Ophthalmology?
Answer : We bring the best hospitals for you based on Ophthalmology Score.

United States Of America

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute-Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital located at Miami, FL 33136-1199.
Wills Eye Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital located at Philadelphia, PA 19017-5109.
Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital located at Baltimore, MD 21205-1832.
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts General Hospital located at Boston, MA 02114-3002.
Stein and Doheny Eye Institutes, UCLA Medical Center located at Los Angeles, CA 90095-8358


Fortis Memorial Research Institute located at Gurgaon.
Medanta-the Medicity.
Max Super Specialty Hospital located in Saket(South Delhi).
Indraprastha Apollo hospital located in New Delhi.
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani located in Mumbai.
Blk Super Specialty Hospital located in New Delhi.

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