Kerala man Terminated from job in Oman for making fun on Kerala Flood Victims

Kerala man lose job in Oman for making fun on Kerala Flood Victims

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How come a Kerala man can make fun of his own state. There are Kerala Flood Victims who need assistance, shelters, medicines and other help. When he is clearly aware about the flood situations in his own state. Death toll reached to 400 in the state due to flood and continuous rain. Around 3.53 Lakh people have been shifted to relief camps. Different parts of country(India) along with abroad is giving all possible help for Kerala Flood Victims. When Indian Railway is delivering fresh water to the flood affected people by trains. Still thousands of people are trapped in the flood, need immediate assistance.

Still Kerala man making fun of his own state flood situations?. This seems one of the foolish tasks ever. He posts insensitive and inappropriate comments about the flood Victims in his home state while checking the Kerala Floods Highlights.

Rahul Cheru Palayattu, Kerala man working in Oman in Lulu Group International fired for his inappropriate comments on Facebook. There was an appeal by volunteers for the help for Kerala Flood Victims. Palayattu post his comments and put himself in trouble.
Lulu’s HR manager in Oman signed a termination letter for him. This is to inform that we have terminated your service with immediate effect because of your highly insensitive and derogatory comments on social media with regard to current flood situation in Kerala, India.

Mr. V. Nandakumar, CCO of LuLu Group inform that,”We took immediate actions to terminate his services, this is very clear and loud message to each and everyone in the society.”

He also informs that “We as an organization always stood for humanitarian values”. We have already helped to the Kerala Flood Victims. Company will not bear anyone making fun of current situations of #KeralaFloods.

Though Rahul Cheru Palayattu later posted a apologies video on Facebook. He mentions that “I am really sorry for what I did.” I was in an inebriated state when i posted that message. At that time I did not know what I did was the biggest mistake of my life.

Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A help for Kerala Flood Victims

Owner of LuLu hypermarkets, Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A. already donate Dh3 million for Kerala Flood Victims. He also mentions that this is the critical time in Kerala and people stuck in floods need immediate assistance. My prayers are with the people stuck there. We are doing all sorts of help to bring some solace to the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters. Yusuff Ali M.A already donated total 9.23 million dirhams for the Kerala Flood Victims.

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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan express his thanks to the fisherman who is helping restlessly in the #KeralaFloods rescue operations. He announces that all boats will receive rupees 3000 per day. Their boats repair cost will be bear by the government. Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan informs that state have suffered a loss of Rupees 19,512 crores due to the floods and rain.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government on Saturday formed a committee to provide relief for Kerala Flood Victims. UAE’s Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed tweets were in English as well as in Malayalam, the official language of Kerala. And he said a committee formed for the immediate help for the flood affected people in Kerala.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai ruler tweeted on twitter “The people of Kerala have always been and are still part of our success story in the UAE. We have a special responsibility to help and support those affected, especially during these holy and blessed days.” He also tweets that,”UAE and the Indian community will unite to offer relief to those affected. We have formed a committee to start immediately. Company urge everyone to contribute generously towards this initiative.”

Sand Art to help for Kerala Flood Victims

Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik created a sand art in the Puri beach, Odisha. Though he is giving a message to everyone around the globe “Join hands to help Kerala Flood Victims.” Flood also affects the Kerala International Airport.

Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik created a sand sand art to help for Kerala Flood Victims
Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik created a sand sand art to help for Kerala Flood Victims
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