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Jackson Odell : iCarly & The Goldbergs Actor died at 20

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Jackson Odell was born in 2nd July 1997 in Evergreen, Colorado, United States.
He was an American actor who play an important role on television serials in The Goldbergs, iCarly and Modern Family. Along with acting he love music as well and he was a good musician also.

Though he become famous for his roles on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and ABC sitcoms. He was died on 8th June 2018. He found unresponsive in his sober living home in Tarzana, California United States. Mr. Jackson was 20 years old and suppose to celebrate his 21st birthday in less than a month.

Also Jackson’s family mention in a statement which is publish on his website, “We lost our beloved son and brother”.

He perform in many films and play outstanding role. Though he appear in film Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer in 2011. He also perform in episodes of Modern Family and Arrested Development.

Film Career of Jackson Odell

Below are the Jackson Odell main films and episodes
#Astrid Clover – Release in 2016.
#The Goldbergs – He perform as Ari Caldwell in the movie The Goldbergs, from 2013 to 2015.This was his last major acting in the film industry.
#The Fosters
#I Have Friends
#Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
#Healing Hands
#Uma Banda Lá Em Casa
#Private Practice
#Arrested Development
#Modern Family
#State of the Union
#Babysitters Beware

Jackson Odell Music and Twitter Activities

He was also a singer and songs writer. He had many songwriting credits on the soundtrack of the film “Forever My Girl,”. This film released earlier this year.

Also Molano said a post mortem examination will complete within the next few days.

Jackson Odell has his twitter page with the name “Jackson Odell Music”, username “@JaxnTweets”. He have 17,500 Followers and following 2955 people and have 28,001 tweets in his page. Odell create his twitter page on June 2010.

Music Career :

However iCarly movie, change his career and give him a big break in the film industry. Before working in iCarly, he work in many small movies and television serials. He play Gumbo in the episode iBattle Chip in Season 6.His role and acting in iCarly, open doors of big roles for him in the film industry. In 2013, Jackson appear in an episode of Disney Channel’s Jessie, starring Debby Ryan. In the episode Punched Dumped Love, he play as Gale. He act as Ted Durkas in Modern Family. In the year 2014, he perform as Kyle in the Free Form series The Fosters, acting as Maia Mitchell.

Jackson focus on music career as soon as he finish the Goldbergs movie. He have well known YouTube account with the name “Jackson Odell”. Where he have 39,506 subscribers and total of 12 video’s of his songs. He usually share his songs with his followers on his official YouTube page. He sing songs of Alabama Shakes, Rihanna and Bill Withers. As per his twitter account he mention his music idol John Lennon, Chester Bennington, , Paul McCartney, Jack White and Bob Dylan.

During his appearance in red carpet in 2018, he mention “how much important music for him”.

Jackson Odell Videos collections on the YouTube is :

Though he play few songs, here is the list of all songs

1) Feel Like the Rain Lyric Video Original song by Jackson.
2) Ain’t no Sunshine by Bill Withers Cover by Jackson.
3) Rihanna -Stay Cover by Jackson Odell w/ Michael ‘Fish’ Herring.
4) Hold On – Alabama Shakes Cover by Jackson Odell ft. Michael ‘Fish’ Herring.
5) Thrift Shop – Macklemore cover by Jackson Odell ft. Michael ‘Fish’ Herring.
6) How to Play the Lazy Song Preview by Jackson Odell.
7) Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer Cover by 14 yr old Jackson Odell.
8) Losing My Mind Original by Camryn & Jaxn Rehearsal for Tour with Cody Simpson & Greyson Chance.
9) Sheep and the Yeti VLOG by Jackson ‘Jaxn’ Odell.
10) VLOG-Making fun of Johan Carlsson from the band Carolina Liar.
11) My dog makes funny faces with Jaxn Odell.
12) Me playing the piano Great Balls of Fire when I was 6-Jaxn Odell.

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