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How we can utilize Indian Talent to become SuperPower in the world

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Can you tell me any country name, where Indian Talent is not present? As per one report, United States of America, Germany, Canada & United Kingdom all countries have lots of Indian doctors, Engineers, Scientist and CEO’s of Big companies. All these countries are developed, and growing faster as compared to India. There are few remarkable points:

1) No Reservation:

Indian Talent can be best utilized in our country when there would be no fixed reservations in the government sector for jobs and education. We will be able to encourage more people to stay in the country. This can be done by providing more opportunities on basis of fair competition & thus prevent brain drain-term used for our talent going to other countries for better opportunities. When there are major changes throughout the company structure of giving best opportunities to their favorite employees. In short, favoritism should be put to an end on the large scale.

2) Women Power: Women of our country are very capable but contribute to very small percentage of our work force as compared to other super power countries. We need to encourage to pursue our professional interests by appreciating our multitasking and sharing of home responsibilities equally. When corporate could learn the best tactics to retain the employees. The best ways to do this by giving benefits to Indian Talent that makes them more emotionally attached to the organizations and not just financially.

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3) Environment

We need to keep a check on our environment. And correct our children, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. When they pass rude comments on those in public service & treat them rashly. By showing respect to all we create a environment conducive of growth because everyone feels worthy of contributing. Eradication of poverty and unemployment on large scale would also prove beneficial for young talented people to come upfront and give their best efforts in order to grow themselves and the country as a whole.

4) Sale of seats in private medical colleges is unfair as deserving students loose out. This leads to a situation where undeserving students get the unfair advantage. & it creates an environment among students of frustration. The deserving Indian Talent should get value over unqualified one.

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5) Mob violence against doctors: There are many sad & unfortunate instances of mob violence against doctors especially in municipal & government run hospitals.This shows low standards & bad attitude of public who lack respect for the medical profession.There have to be strict laws to prevent & punish the offenders.Security must be provided to doctors.

6) Better Pay for Teachers: Teachers have been paid so low that it deters youth from entering this noble profession.Their pay scale needs to improve. Also, teachers and professors must give practical knowledge to students.

7) Research Institutes

We need more research institutes, more grants for them & better stipends to Phd students & salaries to professors to encourage invention & innovation in our country. By giving employees projects abroad they can be encouraged to interact &learn from international science faculty.

8) IIT’s(Indian Institutes of Technology) & IIM’s (Indian Institutes of Management) are our pride, we need more of them even in interiors of the country.

9)More Medical Colleges: More government medical colleges are needed as medical seats are very less compared to students appearing & passing these exams with good scores. Also, we need to give chance to Best Indian Talent especially doctors to provide their services for Indian community rather than moving abroad.

10) However some government policies made by corrupt, uneducated politicians who have selfish agendas & lack of technical knowledge along with bureaucrats. Who spend their work hours in office & have no practical experience often fail. It makes sense to involve qualified persons from the respective fields that have adequate experience in the government policy decision making process. Our country can grow only when we will have a leader, who will lead the nation, where others follow him.

11) People are divided:

Indians are divided on the basis of castes, religion, language, region, culture, values and prosperity. One community people prefers to help others belongs to the same community.
Lets understand by an example:

Sum X: 100+50+30+90 = 270.
Sum Y: 100-50+30-90 = (-)10.

You see from the above example that its harmful when people working for the destruction of others. When people are working against each others, then end result is not only 0 but negative.

All these inputs will go a long way into making our Bharatvarsha a superpower, a status it deserves.

Content Credit: Shifalli Singh from Mumbai, India

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