India need Bullet Train OR need better Rail Infrastructure

India need Bullet Train OR need better Rail Infrastructure?

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Bullet train in India is like a dream come true for the developed Nation. But a big question arise at present, does India need Bullet Train or need better Rail Infrastructure?. bullet trains in India good or bad?

As per the records, everyday 9 to 10 people die on the rail tracks of Mumbai. The present situation of the Rail general compartments are worst. People travel in crowd in general trains. Hardly few people get the seat or stand too tight even air can not pass from them.

However most of the population will not be able to travel through the High Speed Rail(HSR). As they travel by either normal trains or Airlines.

In 2013, UPA government formed a committee that propose to bring High Speed Rail(HSR) means bullet train in India but fail to make it reality. There are many group discussion on bullet train in India, among the experts . bullet train or better train gd topic mostly used by hiring companies to get the voice of youth.

First Bullet train is propose to start between Mumbai, which is financial capital of India and Ahmedabad, which is consider as fast growing city. Experts inform that this project will fulfill its cost in first twenty years and can make its revenue double in next few decades. It would require 50 million passengers each year for the HSR(High Speed Rail) project to break even.

There are many advantages of High Speed Rail(Bullet Train) over Aeroplane, Air pollution, Noise, fuel consumption etc are few.

However there are many criticism from the opposition party and normal people to implement the Bullet trail. Though there is a need of improvement in the Rail Infrastructure. Where normal person travel through in his daily life. if this question is being asked to you in interview then you can give below valid reasons in answer.

There are many views from the experts that make you pause and think again whether to implement this project in India or not?.

Costly Project

The distance between the Mumbai and Ahmedabad is 508 km. Average air fare between two cities is around rupees 3000-5000. 85% to 90% passengers travel through sleeper class or lower class for thousands of kilometers on daily basis. India have to spend around ₹1 lakh crore for 508 km. This project seems so expensive for normal person to travel by bullet train. Still there are lot more requirements to invest in the rail tracks, Rail Bridges, add more compartments for the general passenger, improve sanitation facilities and list goes long.

Current government has stated that Japanese is ready for 0.1% interest with a 15-year of time duration. And this money is almost free to use at present. But experts inform that repayment budget will be around ₹1.5 lakh crore in next 20 years considering exchange rates as well.

Bullet Train can be a Fail Project

If we check the worldwide Bullet train data, Taiwan’s $14 billion project failed. This High Speed Rail project was between Taipei and Tainan. Japan’s high speed train serve to 150 million passengers every year. This project connects Tokyo to Osaka. Also it serve half of the Japan’s population.

But a big question arise, When Indian can not take care of their current Rail Infrastructure and rails then how come they will care for Bullet train. Tejas Express is the best example of it, Window glasses, LED TV etc found damage when this train stopped at New Delhi station.

Broken Window Glasses of Tejas Express shows the conditions of Indian Rail Infrastructure
Broken Window Glasses of Tejas Express shows the conditions of Indian Rail Infrastructure

At present there are lots of rail accidents, Indian railway must prevent these accidents. ‘Safety First’ Must be the Mission & Vision of Indian railway towards people. Everybody aware of Utkal Express accident.

However there are positive views from the experts for the implementation of Bullet trail in India. But side by side there is need to upgrade current Rail Infrastructure as well.

India is doing progress as Building roads from plastic waste that can be Future Roads.

Must for Traffic Control :

An Aircraft can carry only 175-200 people at one time. But Bullet Trail is suppose to have 16 coaches. It will carry passengers in 2+2 and 2+3 configuration. And around 950 passengers can travel in one time. These figures are equal to 6 flights. Which save fuel and resources. Expected time by Aeroplane from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is 2 hours. And travel time by Bullet train will be around 2.5 hours.

When Metro train proposal was initiated in New Delhi, people raise their voice and criticize that how they can make Metro train bridges in the congested areas?. But Now one can not imagine the traffic situation on the Rajiv Chowk without Metro train.

Other Benefits:

  • 0.1% Interest Rate on the Money.
  • 50 year of payout time on the money invested by Japan.
  • 15 years of grace period in load payback.

New Jobs:

This project will create around 40,000 jobs in the country. Other sectors like manufacturing, IT, Automation etc will grow. And this will definitely help to grow Indian economy.

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