Hamid Nehal Ansari returned to India after 6 years from Pakistan

Hamid Nehal Ansari returned to India after 6 years from Pakistan

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Welcome back son! Hamid Nehal Ansari, Hamid parents welcome him back in India at Wagah border, Amritsar and express gratitude to India and Pakistan officials.

Hamid mother who is a famous teacher in Mumbai, fight for him along with Pakistan India Peoples Forum for peace and democracy to free him. ”My son did not commit any crime”.

Activists demanding Pakistan to release Hamid as his jail term was over from 15th December 2018.

What’s the Issue with Hamid Nehal Ansari?

Hamid Nehal Ansari encounter a Pakistani girl online and become best friends. She belongs to northwest territory of Pakistan.

Hamid entered into Pakistan illegally via country Afghanistan. Pakistani intelligence agencies catch him for entering into the country without proper visa and passport. He was detained in 2012 and sentenced to three years jail by Pakistani military court in 2015 for having a fake Pakistani identity card.

15th December 2015, Hamid Nehal Ansari kept at the Peshawar Central Jail. His three year imprisonment ended on 15th December 2018.

But his legal documents were not ready, hence he was not able to come back India.

Thank You, India!

Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister of India met Hamid Nehal Ansari in her office on Wednesday. Hamid mother and other related person present with him. Hamid told Sushma Madam that he wanted to rebuild his life, wants to achieve his dreams.

Thank You, Pakistan! Gratitude by Hamid Nehal Ansari parents

Fauzia Ansari, Mother of Hamid Nehal Ansari express gratitude to all the Pakistani officials who helped and ensure safe return of Hamid to India. Some Pakistani people ensure that Hamid get Justice without any discrimination. This is similar to new birth for my son. Thanks so much to all the Pakistani people for everything.

Hamid crosses the Wagah border at about 5:30pm. He bent down on his kneel and kiss the Indian soil. This was the emotional scene by watching Hamid to express love for his home country.

Senior journalist and social activist Jatin Desai who accompanied the Hamid Nehal Ansari family from Mumbai to Wagah throughout the journey.

Mr. Desai is also general secretary of the Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy.

Rebirth for Hamid Nehal Ansari

Hamid mother inform to the press officials that this is a miracle rebirth for his son. He is suffered with an eye injury due to an assault in the prison. We have to take care for him as his eye has swelling. She added that dark night is over now and a new bright morning has begun.

Ansari, 33 years old inform Sushma Madam that he was kept in Pakistani jail initially  and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies physically torture him and damage his eye as well.

Others kept in Pakistani Jail similar to Hamid Nehal Ansari

There are lots of other Indians as well, who were caught by Pakistani intelligence agencies & kept in various jails. As of 2013, total 1184 Indians in the Pakistani jails. Estimated 671 Pakistani people kept in Indian jails.

Also another person Gajanand Sharma kept in Central Jail in Lahore for more than 36 years. He come to India on 13th August 2018. Gajanand, a resident of Jaipur, Rajesthan gone missing 36 years before. On that day total 29 Indian prisoners released by Pakistan, this including 26 fishermen also.

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