Fitness Issues in Students and Employees due to Overwork at & tips to overcome

Fitness Issues in Students and Employees due to Overwork & tips to overcome

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Dear students, you are about to join an organization, and it will be the start of your career in your home country or abroad. You must be aware about the Fitness Issues on the workplace that can badly affect your life or even kill you. As you are new to the industry, you will try to perform best in the company and may start handling overwork. However, you forget this may open doors of a lot of Fitness Issues for you.

The same concept applies for job seekers, When a job seeker joins an organization, they there is a lot of pressure on him to perform best and prove himself.

Here are the best practical points to avoid Fitness Issues in life

1) Poor posture

As per one research, Increase in neck and shoulder pain may be due to the poor posture at the workplace. It is important to remind yourself to sit with spine erect & shoulders pulled back slightly to prevent back pains & developing a hunch back eventually. Choose a comfortable chair. You can use a comfortable pillow at your chair. If you are holding a backpack, more than 20 pounds weights can also cause many Fitness Issues especially spinal distortions.

2) Muscle Cramps

Due to sitting for long hours. Make it a point to take frequent breaks to stretch & walk around. It helps to refresh cognitive ability too.

3) Dehydration

While working on certain issue on the workplace, we forget to drink water. We forget it because we have tension to finish that issue on time. This might lead to many Fitness Issues, Dehydration and a headache are very common. It affects skin elasticity & texture.

Especially females are prone to dehydration during periods. Remember to drink enough water during the day time. Warm water or water stored in earthen pot & carried in steel bottles is better than having chilled water from plastic bottles. Coconut water is refreshing too. Those who have high BP/Kidney disease can have less of it as its rich in potassium. Do try Kalverts Lemon barley water concentrates dissolved in water to relieve constipation & dehydration.

4) Eyestrain

One must avoid looking at mobile-phone, computer, laptop or TV screens for long periods of time at a stretch especially at night as it strains eyes. So does looking at it as soon as you get up in the morning. Let your eyes get gradually accustomed to light & eventually proceed with your screen time.

5) Heart Attack

Yes, overwork can lead to heart attack. Miwa Sado, who was a journalist in national public broadcasting organization died in Japan due to overwork. According to one newspaper She had punched in overtime of 159 hours in the month before her death.

6) Sleep disorder

Working for long hours without proper rest may lead to Fitness Issues. Sleep disorder is very common. Not only this, overwork can also lead you to snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation.

7) Regular exercise

which may be brisk walking, gym, running, swimming, yoga or playing some sport along with healthy diet & positive mental attitude will help build strength plus stamina to handle workloads & work pressures.

8) A to-do-list

You can make a list where you write tasks to be done in a day either the previous night or early morning. It helps to plan & prioritize. It should be in sync with your daily/weekly & monthly goals. Striking off each task after doing creates a feeling of accomplishment which breeds success attitude. Rescheduling unimportant tasks for next day helps to free time for emergencies.

It is more important to get results than just engage in activity. Most people feel that coming early, staying late & putting long hours in office is productive. Whereas it leads to boredom, lethargy & unhealthy lifestyle. Its better to stick to office timings, have balanced time for family, hobbies like reading, music, etc. & fitness routines which make a person more productive. Focus on being more result-oriented than activity oriented!

Some health tips to cure Fitness Issues.

20 20 20 eye exercise

Hope you aware about this eye exercise. If not, we will tell you about this exercise, so that you can get maximum benefits of it.
While working for hours on the computer’s screen or playing games on your smart phone, your eye become red. That may cause to big health issues for you.
In this exercise, you have to cut your eye connection from your screen & look at 20 feet away after 20 minutes for 20 seconds. However, It will relax your eyes & comfort them. You can try looking at different colors. Fresh color of natural greenery is very soothing to our eyes.


Laughter is the best medicine in order to prevent stress, heart attack and bring glow on your face. So you don’t need any fairness cream for your face(just kidding and smiling too)

Be happy, calm, patient & in pursuit of your goals at the same time!

Content Writer: Shifalli Singh(Entrepreneur) from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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