Drinking glass removed from patient's stomach by Doctors after surgery

Drinking glass removed from patient’s stomach by Doctors after surgery

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After reading the News subject you will definitely think or imagine that how it is possible?. how a drinking glass could enter inside the stomach of anyone?. But this is true & Drinking glass removed from patient’s stomach by Doctors after surgery. There are many other cases also around the world where weirdest things found in the human body. Once doctors found snakes in stomach of human, a women living in Mercer had pain in her stomach and after test doctors found snake in her abdominal.

Steel Drinking glass removed from patient’s stomach

This belongs to UP(Uttar Pradesh) patient, Ramdin. Who went to hospital complaining that he has stomach pain.

After medical check up doctors found that there is some object inside his body and need surgery to remove it. The patient, Ramdin went to medics hospital Kanpur. All the doctors shocked to see the steel drinking glass inside his stomach.

Now a big question arise that how this steel drinking glass went inside Ramdin stomach?. Ramdin informed that once he was attached by goons while carrying 50,000 rupees. The steel glass forcefully inserted inside his stomach by goons.

In a magical surgery, full size steel Drinking glass removed from patient’s stomach in medics hospital Kanpur. This surgery took hours but finally doctors are successful to do it.
There are several other stories around the world, where foreign objects found in human body. Doctor’s successfully removed these weird things inserted into body. few of them are below.

1) 20 cobblestones removed from a girl stomach in China

A young girl in china fight with her boyfriend and swallow more than 20 cobblestones. She think that all cobblestones will flush in toilet next day. But they remain inside her body for several days. She often felt that stones strike with each other and crate unbearable pain. After taking the X-Ray, doctors advise her to go for surgery to remove stones instead she took online medical forum help. It made her life more miserable. However doctor tell her that worst can happen if she delay the surgery. Finally those stones removed successfully.

2) 10 Pound Hairball removed from a 18 years old girl

In the year 2007, a 18 year old girl in New England, United States of America often complain for pain in her stomach. After examine doctor’s found 10 pound hairball in her stomach. She lose 40 pound weight also during this pain. This news was spread on social media like fire. How come such a big object weight 10 pound (4.5 kilograms) can inserted inside stomach?.
After investigation doctors found that patient had a disease called trichophagia. In this disease patients (mostly females) start eating their own hairs.

Though this was the reason for this mass object inside 18 years old girl. Initially doctors try to remove the hairball with incisions. But later they perform a surgery so that whole hairball could be removed from her stomach.

3) Tropical Spider removed from 24 years Australian Boy

In the year 2014, 24 years old Australian Dylan Thomas went to Bali for visit/Tour. While returning from Bali Thomas notice that he has long Thick red line on his tummy. Thomas went to a local doctor and that doctor give him some medicine saying its bitten by some insect. As time passed, this lead to huge pain and that red line become more thick. After doing proper test and X-Ray, doctors shocked to see the tropical spider inside his body. That was removed after surgery. Some doctor’s informed that before Thomas might under go surgery and that time this Tropical spider enter inside his tummy. However at the same time some other doctor’s suggest that a spider can not live inside human stomach.

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