Current Education System Good or Bad

Current Education System: Good or Bad

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Providing knowledge to everyone, that’s the main aim of education system. But it really works well in our current Education System? There are so many schools, colleges, institutions, universities and coaching classes everywhere. A lot of such system opens every day. But if we really talk about Education System most of them doesn’t know that exact meaning of education. Getting education is neither easy nor tough. It’s just perception, that how we see this.

Main Purpose of Teachers:

Poverty, lack of resources and support these are the main reason to not getting education. From middle-class family to rich person, there are so many issues in between them. You have seen that in ancient time weight of books was not heavier than of now.

A light-weighted to heavier weight nothing changes. On that time teachers (guru) main aim was to provide not only the education but also tell students about the social responsibilities that how to help others, how to support others, how to understand & live life, also how to support our nation. In the simplest way Education System means knowledge of everything.

Score 100% Marks:

But if we talk about today’s Education System, the main motive is to score 100%. To live in a stressful environment, stress of scoring 100%. Now this 100% becomes life. And that’s the main reason of suicide attempts. Every day you read in newspaper a student of 12th class commit suicide because of not scoring that benchmark. And that kind of news still doesn’t affect our mentality. After a day of that incident again same process being start.

Have you ever asked them (students) what’s their passion? Maybe they don’t want to become an engineer, maybe they are interested in arts or in commerce. See, providing knowledge and choosing path both are different things. Giving education doesn’t means to score 100%. It means to choose the path of your interest. If you really understand the concept of education system, you don’t need to understand anything. Think, understand and follow, these are 3 keywords of educated & civil society.

However, 50% Indian population is 18 and 23 years old. If they can get both skills and knowledge, they can transform India into next level of success.

In the digital world, where kids also playing with mobiles, we can assure that world in moving forward with pace. And younger generation will be more advance than current generations.

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