The Crown Prince of Dubai Sure does have a Soft Spot for Animals

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Dubai Crown Prince sure does have a soft spot for animals.

A heartwarming photo has emerged on social media showing Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, taking a selfie while feeding a giraffe.

The long-necked animal peered through the roof of the car, barely touching the prince’s forehead, as it reached out for some snack. The prince shared the experience with his Instagram followers on Monday.

“Look who came to say [hello] and to have a snack,” his post read.

The picture became an instant hit and has so far attracted more than 31,000 likes.

There are various events organize in UAE. Horse racing, Camel racing competitions organize by authorities in the UAE. The Main purpose is to save old desert traditions. Also to encourage better care for these animals.

We spend almost Aed 12,000 only on he food of ur Camels per month. Also we feed camels fresh & high quality grass. Though we feed it milk, honey and olive oil and other things also.

Camels sales also take place in the region. That street name is given as The festival’s Million Street.

Royal Family’s Love for Animals

There are other royal families who own the animals and care. Queen Kate and William own dog. Queen has a total of 30 corgis but currently She own just four. Although corgis is her favourites category.This Royal Family has deep love for hourses as well.

Also Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips represent Great Britain at the Olympics.

The Queen make the house of the red squirrel population At Balmoral. But the squirrels are not the only who live here But the Queen is happy to share her summer home with other animals as well. She make A colony of bats, where lots of bats resides in the main hall of the castle.The Queen instruct staff not to make any changes in the animals community. Also she tells staff to do cleaning work. that they generate.

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