Australian actress Jessica Falkholt died

Australian actress Jessica Falkholt died on Wednesday, a hospital confirmed

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Australian actress Jessica Falkholt has died from injuries she suffere in a car crash three weeks ago, an Australian hospital confirm this.

The accident in New South Wales on 26 December had already killed her parents, sister and the other driver.

“The family also ask for privacy during this very difficult time,”.

Jessica’s parents Lars, 69, and Vivian, 60, were kill instantly in the crash and her sister Annabelle, 21, died in hospital three days later.

Australian police are still investigating the crash, which also killed 50-year-old Craig Whitall, who was driving the other car.

Funeral of Australian actress Vivian and Annabelle Falkholt

Last week, hundreds of people attend a funeral service for Lars, Vivian and Annabelle Falkholt in Sydney.

Falkholt’s stint on the long-running series only last for 16 episodes. And end in November 2016. After that She film a role in the US film Harmony. which is set for release this year.

“Jessica’s shining talent recognize and respect by all her cast-mates. And crew and her beautiful friendship treasure”.

Home and Away star Pia Miller pay tribute to the “wonderful” actress on Instagram. She and other co-stars had regularly ask for prayers and support for the actress since the crash.

Her death has also spark messages of grief from the show’s fans. Police are investigating whether the drug is them main factor in the crash or something else. Suddenly after the crash, She was taken to Sydney Hospital, name St George  where she gone through surgery.Which include the removal of a kidney and part of her skull.

The main reason of death was the vehicle burn into flames. Jessica and her sister Annabelle her age 21, pull out of the vehicle alive. But later Hospital doctor confirm that She died.She was only 29 years old. Though She appear in television series Home and Away & Bite Club. Also she work in the film Harmony. which was release in 2008.

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