Anthony Bourdain - Celebrity chef & Host Of CNN Died

Anthony Bourdain : Celebrity chef & Host Of CNN Died

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Anthony Michael Bourdain, TV chef and host of CNN died at the age of 61. Anthony Bourdain death confirmed by CNN on Friday. Also its updated that cause of death was suicide.
His French chef, Eric Ripert found Bourdain unresponsive in his hotel room.

Anthony Bourdain Early Life :

He was born in 25th June 1956 in New York City. And he grew up in Leonia, New Jersey. And he died on 8th June 2018. World know him as an American chef, television personality and author. Mr. Bourdain was a professional and work in many kitchens, this including as executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles. He become into the picture when he wrote 2000 book Kitchen Confidential- Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. And Bourdain was planning to work in France for an upcoming episode of his award winning CNN series “Parts Unknown”. His father was a Yale University scholar executive while his mother work as a copy editor at the New York Times.

Anthony Bourdain Career :

Mr. Bourdain was famous for his best selling fiction, nonfiction and food author. Also his Parts Unknown series launched its 11th season on CNN last month. Bourdain was married two times. First lady was his high school girl Nancy Putkoski in 1985. But they divorced after 20 years due to personal issues. After two years he married martial artist Ottavia Busia. Both had a daughter name Ariane. She born in 2007. But Mr. Bourdain & Ottavia Busia divorced in 2016. In 2017, He was in a relationship with Italian actress Asia Argento.

People also know him by his first food and world travel television show was A Cook’s Tour.This show successfully ran for 35 episodes on the Food Network. In the year 2013 he join CNN network to host Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown. He is famous for television presentations and achievements. However he wrote many books on food and cooking and travel adventures.

“Don’t Eat This Before Reading” transform his career in 1999 in New York.This was the best selling book kitchen recipes. Also this includes some special things like “why you must never order fish specially on Monday”.
Kitchen Confidential divided two TV series, which is a Food Network travelogue and a short lived Fox situation based on his career.

Bourdain travel about 250 days of the year to film his show.

Chef anthony bourdain died

CNN network update in a statement that, “Its extreme sadness that we confirm the death of our friend and colleague,Anthony Bourdain”.

In a report, its mention that “His talent never stop to wonder us and we will miss him so much”. Our Prayers are always with his family & daughter in this critical time.

His sudden death news spread a shock wave in his Fans, fellow chefs, celebrities and friends around the world.

Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent wrote on Twitter, “My heart breaks for Tony Bourdain”, “May his soul rest in peace”.
“He was great personality, friend, coordinator and a family member”.

John Hodgman, who is the Author and humorist recall the memories of eating with Bourdain 14 years ago.He wrote on twitter,”He was healthy that time but take time to sit in Chinatown to talk ‘weird’ food for a magazine piece, which he was writing”. He laugh loud and replied that our ‘weird’ is the world’s delicious”.

President Donald Trump wrote,”That was very shocking for me, when I woke up this morning and got news that Anthony Bourdain is dead”. Mr. Trump also write that “I enjoyed his show, he was quite and impressive character”. “I want to extend my condolences for his family”.

Mr. Bourdain death news come in just three days after the fashion designer Kate Spade Committed suicide. He was 55 years old.

United State government health officials inform that US suicides rate increase by 30% since 1999. Though 45,000 Americans died by suicide in 2016.

Before Another celebrity Roger Moore died at the age of 89 in Switzerland

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