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5 IMPORTANT things to do today as a Job Seeker

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Job Seeker will get lot of help for interview preparation from this article. Job searching is very tiring task, it demotivates job seekers and suck brain energy.

If you are applying for jobs on the daily basis, but not getting any response from recruiters/HR. Then you must take out some time and do the research to find the reasons. Below are 5 important points given by a recruiter, who is having 20+ years of international recruitment experience.

1) Make sure Job Seekers CV/Resume is ATS(applicant tracking system) compliant:

An applicant tracking system, also called as ATS is a software used by Human Resource/ Recruiters/ employers to collect, sort, scan the job applications. ATS software is based on the algorithm, based upon the settings ATS automatically reject or select the jobs application.

Earlier ATS was designed and used by large organizations that receive several thousand job applications on a weekly basis. At present, approximate 95% of Fortune 500 companies depends on ATS software to automate their recruitment work.

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As per recruitment experts, a resume with times new roman font & size, 10 to 12 is ATS compliant. Open your resume now and check the font type and size. If you are using other fonts in your resume, change it to Times new roman.


2) Make your LinkedIn profile, Put a like, a meaningful comment, and like the comments of others on LinkedIn posts. Network and boost your own profile.

92% of companies use Social media to post jobs. 45% of Fortune 500 companies post jobs on social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals connect, share knowledge, learn, etc. Its advisable to create a profile on LinkedIn and keep it updated with latest experience, certifications and other details.

Once you create your profile on LinkedIn, You should learn How to use Linked Properly. Try to engage with professionals, like, comment on their post. So that people notice you there.


3) Read up on C.A.R.(context, Action, Result) and S.T.A.R.(situation, Task, Activity, Result) technique in order to answer competency-based interview questions. Most big companies are adopting this form of interview:

You have to give impressive answers in an interview to get selected. C.A.R. and S.T.A.R. are the best interview techniques, below is more details:

  • C. Stands for Context: Means you explain a situation and relate it to your past experience
  • A. Stands for Action: You have to explain the action you took.
  • R. Stands for Result: Means you have to explain the outcome of your actions.
  • S. Stands for Situation, set the circumstances from your experience.
  • T. Stands for Task, On what issue/problem you worked.
  • A. Stands for Activity, what actually Job Seeker done in their past.
  • R. Stands for Result, the outcome of the situation.

4.) Sign up for an online course in order to keep yourself updated, rather than outdated.

However, many websites provide free online courses. Job Seeker can join them and keep your knowledge up to date. If you will discuss about new technologies in the interview, then your selection chances are higher.


5) Get some physical exercise. The brain likes endorphins, and it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health at this time.

Do not stay awake on the previous night of interview otherwise you will feel sleepy in the interview or in the company waiting room.

However, avoid caffeine and alcohol a few hours before going to bed. Eat some light evening meal and do some light exercise as well.

All Job Seeker must PLAN out your day. Have a routine and follow it.

How many of the above can you incorporate into your schedule, today?

If you want to find a job, you need to be the change that you need to do so!

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