Indian Ethical Hacker ranked 71 in the World Gandla Nikhil Kumar.

Indian Ethical Hacker ranked 71 in the World : Gandla Nikhil Kumar

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India proud on Gandla Nikhil Kumar, who is from Andhra Pradesh and ranked among worlds top 71 ethical hackers. As of now Mr. Vivek Ramachandran
and Ankit Fadia are among the top ethical hackers in India.

About Gandla Nikhil Kumar: He is currently working as SOC Team Lead at DVTS Pvt Ltd. This is a software company at Guntur (Andhra Pradesh). Nikhil is experienced Senior Software Engineer in the computer software industry. Also highly skilled in Security Research, Security Analysis, Crime Analysis, Penetration Testing, and Malware Analysis. However, he is Strong engineering professional graduated from EC-Council University.

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Gandla Nikhil Kumar life story:

He was born in a very simple middle-class family with quite difficulties in my early life. Nikhil learn how to find weakness of all websites and loopholes when he was 19 years old. And when he was 20 years old, he started work in a software company as security analyst. However, based upon his knowledge, he was promoted in the company after 1 month. And got increment as well.

Nikhil skills: He is having strong skills in ethical hacking, cyber security, security research, vulnerability assessment and list goes long.

Educational Qualification: He is the global certified ethical hacker(CEH) with 91.2% from Ec-council Uiversity (USA).

Nikhil hobbies: Reading news, travelling, listening music, browsing internet.

Gandla Nikhil Kumar dream: My dream is to fly over to other countries like united States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

Hacker one website announce his name among world top 71 hackers lists on 26th February 2019.

Security leaders and hackers started HackerOne in order to make the internet safer in this modern era. HackerOne partner with expert hackers around the world to find out security issues before they are exploit by criminals. Their headquarters is present in San Francisco with other offices in London, New York City, Singapore, and the Netherlands also.

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Real-life experiments of Gandla Nikhil Kumar:

He has very well idea, how to hack any website. Even he claims that he has hacked many website and then inform their owners regarding that loopholes in their websites. Currently, he is giving ideas and tips to youth on live seminars.

Gandla Nikhil Kumar informed that he would like to Indian educate youth about cyber security and find security issues in the top websites of India and then help experts to fix them.

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