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WWE Smackdown 26th December 2017 Highlights | Best WWE Fight

WWE Smackdown 26th December 2017 Highlights
WWE Smackdown 26th December 2017 Highlights

#Bobby Roode fought Baron Corbin in WWE Smackdown. Jinder Mahal battled Tye Dillinger in the first-round of a tournament for new US champion

#He went down in the audience to announce the new Champion.

#Suddenly audience started announcing Rusev’s name in crowed.

#Daniel Bryan addressed the United States title scene in the WWE RAW.

#Find out everything in the below video and enjoy the WWE RAW.

#Superstars are fighting in the super show of this WWE fight.

Live Video : WWE Smackdown

Roode is best player and he is continueous working for his 12 year for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
Robert Francis Roode Jr. is also known as the ring name Bobby Roode. He is born in May 11th, 1977. He is a Canadian professional wrestler and currently he have contract with WWE.

Roode have also made his video game debut in 2008 with the name of TNA Impact.
Roode’s wife name is Tracy and they have three sons Riley, Robert III, and Nicholas.

Jinder Mahal is also called as Dhesi. Who is Punjabi Jat Sikh also speaking Punjabi, Hindi and English languages. He is the nephew of wrestler Gama Singh. who is consider as never defeat wrestler in the world.

Daniel Bryan is the General Manager of Smack Down Live and retire professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE. He played wrestling in Japan as well.with time He won the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship in Pro Wrestling Noah

He also published his papers Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania.
Bryan won the PETA Libby Award for Most Animal Friendly Athlete in the year 2012. He has lots of controversies with time.
Therefore, during the year 2013 Slammy Awards show, where his fans have successfully hijack segments in which Bryan was either not involve in.

He is a Vegan in his day to day life.