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WWE 22 January 2018: Raw’s 25th anniversary Highlights

WWE Raw's 25th anniversary

Raw’s 25th anniversary had a surplus of star power, but the show inconsistently put those names from the past to good use.

Steve Austin transport the audience to the Attitude Era with a Stunner rampage. A number of other talents, though, only showed up in cameo form.

The course of 25 years, hundreds upon hundreds of TV shows have come and gone across cable TV airwaves, some not seeing the the second half of a first season.

The names returning to the show tonight: The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, the Dudley Boyz and, of course, The Brooklyn Brawler.

It was hard to know how to feel after Undertaker’s return. Shane then stood up and hit up Austin.It was a awesome moment.

The Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns in the night’s best match.

Raw’s 25th anniversary Video

Though Shane McMahon and Stephanie smile in the show. They though everyone in the stadium is in love with Raw. some short video some of the show’s best moments are in front of you.

The WWE chief brand officer Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon welcome Vince(her father). She welcome him in the ring. Chairman cheerfully embraced his family members.

Vince’s kids dressed up to celebrate Raw’s(World Wrestling Entertainment the Real American Wrestling) 25th anniversary.

Though Austin soon walk out of the stadium in argument with that.

As match start Stone Cold hit Shane with a Stunner. Also he hit hard to Vince after the two shared a beer around him.

The three hour special will be devided between the iconic Manhattan Centre, In the broadcast.
Where the first ever episode of Raw shot in Brooklyn. The match had solid energy all around but was nothing special in the ring.Crowed cheer and shouting all around.