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Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Users review and facts | Part-3

Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Users review and facts - Part-3
Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Users review and facts - Part-3

We bring Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Users review and facts. These are the live comments and points of viewers. People watch this movie in the theater and give their opinions.

Questions : Is Tiger Zinda Hai a movie worth watching?
Though the movie Trailer is good and impressive. and people are giving good feedback regarding this.
#This movie is based on the incident which took place in 2014.
#The abduction of 25 Indian nurses by ISIL in Iraq.
#They rescue after 28 days later by the special Army Team assigned by the Indian Government.
#And the Film Production Budget is 140Crores. So hope this Film will be worth watching.
#The trailer was release on 7th November.
#Become the World’s Most Liked Trailer On Youtube.

Questions : Is Tiger Zinda Hai story is inspired by real life incident?
Answer : Yes, This movie is based on real-life rescue operation of 46 nurses taken as hostages by ISIS in Iraq in 2014. Director Ali Abbas Zafar say, Tiger Zinda Hai’ has a strong story to tell.

Mr. Zafar’s inform that once he was reading about the read about the Iraq incident.The stories of those nurses are hugely inspirational.He added that I felt the need to write something based on it. Tiger Zinda Hai, is a larger-than-life Bollywood fiction.I researched for six to eight months and wrote a fictional account.

Question : what it the time duration of movie Tiger Zinda hai
Answer : 145 mins

Also watching an ISI agent working towards peace is like watching Japanees play cricket.can say, impossible.

Ali Abbas Zaffar is the director of Salman Khan’s movie Tiger Zinda Hai.

Questions : Which are the dialogs of Movie Tiger Zinda hai?


  1. Tiger -Shikar to sabhi kartey hai, Lekin Tiger se Behtar Shikar koi bhi nhi kerta
  2. Tiger-Jab se duniya bani hai, Tab se har kone mein sirf ek hi Jung hui hai.. sahi aur galat ki, roshni aur andhere ki.
  3. Tiger-Ek baar Hum us Hospital mein ghus gaye, toh hamare paas sirf do din honge un Nurses ko Wahan se baher nikaalne ke liye.
  4. Tiger-Hamara Yeh Mission ab sirf un Nurses ko bachane ke liye hi nahin hai. Pooori duniya ko batane ke liye ki We stand for Peace.
  5. Usmaan-Tiger ager dum hai to rok le,
  6. Tiger-Usmaan, ager tujmain dum hai to Tu muje rok ke Dikha.


Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Users review:

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