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Lucky Draw of Big Ticket Series 191 | 7 Million Dirhams Prize

Lucky Draw of Big Ticket Series 191
Lucky Draw of Big Ticket Series 191

And your wait is over because Big Ticket Series 191 will be announce on 3rd May 2018. We will keep you posted for the all updates of Winners, Prize list etc.

Below is the address and full details of Lucky draw of Big Ticket.

Date, Time and Address for Draw:

3rd May 2018, 10:00 am, [GMT+4],  Arrivals hall, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Big Ticket Series 191 – List of Big Prizes

Big Ticket Series 191 – 7 Million Big Prize
Position Currency Prize
1st AED 7,000,000
2nd AED 1,000,000
3rd AED 1,000,000
4th AED 1,000,000
5th AED 1,000,000
6th AED 1,000,000
7th AED 1,000,000

Congratulations to 10 lucky Bonnaza winners. Each won free 3 Big Tickets to participate in the draw series 191. You can see below their ticket numbers:-










This updates winners list is posted on the Big Ticket Official website as well.

As per Big Ticket Facebook page, India in on the TOP position to won the Big Ticket Prizes. Almost in every Lucky Draw, Indians Won the prizes. Even Last series Big Prizes won by Indian.

Also note that There will be lucky draw for Dream Car BMW Series 01. Though there will be 2 lucky draw simultaneous in the same Arrivals Hall.

Congratulations to Winner of Big Ticket Series 190

Mr. John Varughese is an Indian expat who won the Big Prize of 12 Million Dirhams in the series 190. Though he buy Ticket ticket since a year along with his friends. Mr. John inform “I am feeling blessed and Happy as I won the Big Ticket Big Prize. He work as a driver in Dubai since 13 years. Since that time he struggle. Also he update that He feels how hard life is!!. But he keep praying to GOD and have faith in him. And finally he WON.

Click here for the Full List of Winners of Big Ticket Series 191