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You Can Win $2,722,600 in Lucky Draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi in Just $137

Big ticket series 188 - 10 Million Dirhams prize
Big ticket series 188 - 10 Million Dirhams prize

There will be 10 lucky draw. first winner will be given $2,722,600. 2nd winner will be given $27,226. 3rd winner will be given $24,503. 4th winner will receive $21,780. 5th winner will get $19,058. 6th winner will take $13,613. 7th winner will take $8,167. 8th winner will take $5,445. 9th & 10th winner will get $2,722 respectively.

here is the list of All 10 winners

List of Big Ticket Series 188 Winners
Prize Currency Prize Amount Web/Store Name Ticket Number Nationality
1st AED 10,000,000 Store Sunil Mappatta Krishnan Kutty Nair 016299 Indian
2nd AED 100,000 Web Anlal Kumara Das 094688 Indian
3rd AED 90,000 Store Minor Ahmed Shayaan 009442 Indian
4th AED 80,000 Web Vikram Jadhav 137522 Indian
5th AED 70,000 Web Ranjeet kumar Singh 030310 Indian
6th AED 50,000 Web Arun Kumar 103760 Indian
7th AED 30,000 Web Atul Tawakley 117720 Indian
8th AED 20,000 Web Rakesh Rahulan 106875 Indian
9th AED 10,000 Web Abdul Rassack Pannikazhayil 125322 Indian
10th AED 10,000 Store Muneer Erumbeduth Chalil 026234 Indian

Booking closing for Big Ticket Series 188 on Wednesday, 31-01.2018. Buy Your Lucky Ticket Now. Link to buy Big Ticket Series 188 is given below.

And results are announce, Mr. Sunil from India has won 1st Prize of Aed 10,000,000 with Ticket number 016299.

Stay connected, Further results will be announce at 1:00 pm in Arrivals Hall, Abu Dhabi, International Airport.


Bookings open for Big ticket series 188 for BIG PRIZE of 10 Million Dirhams.

Draw will held on 5th February 2018 Monday 10:00 am

[GMT+4] Arrivals Hall, Abu Dhabi

International Airport


BIG 10 Prizes List in Dirhams

1st AED 10,000,000
2nd AED 100,000
3rd AED 90,000
4th AED 80,000
5th AED 70,000
6th AED 50,000
7th AED 30,000
8th AED 20,000
9th AED 10,000
10th AED 10,000


BUY Big Ticket for Series 188 Online

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Question : What is Big Ticket? When Big Ticket was start? Who operate the Big Ticket?
Answer : At Present, Big Ticket is the longest running and largest raffle draw for cash prizes and dream luxury cars in UAE(United Arab Emirates). Big Ticket was starts in 1992. It was first establish at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Question : What is the Biggest Prize give at Ticket Abu Dhabi till now?
Answer : Biggest Prize given at Big Ticket is 12 Million Dirhams. Also 10 Million Dirhams given to winners.

Question : What is the Price of Big Ticket?
Answer : The price for the Big Ticket Millionaire is AED 500. There is offer from Big Ticket that if you buy two tickets, You will get the third ticket absolutely free.

Question : How can I connect with Big Ticket on Social Media?
Answer : Please join us on social media with below accounts :
Put the hashtags #BigTicketAbuDhabi and #BigTicketStory then tag us on social media:
@BigTicketAbuDhabi on Facebook.
@BigTicketAUH on Instagram.
@BigTicketAD on Twitter.

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