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Bottled water with vitamin D launched in United Arab Emirates

Bottle vitamin D water launched in United Arab Emirates
Bottle vitamin D water launched in United Arab Emirates

Agthia Group’s top officials inform that, This is first time in the History that Bottled water containing vitamin D is launch in United Arab Emirates. This water is now available in the United Arab Emirates markets. Experts inform that this water is 100 per cent safe to drink all, for children and adults.
Dh2 is the cost  for 500ml bottle of Al Ain with vitamin D.

Though Al Ain launch this water with vitamin D at the International Water Summit in the presence of Minister of Energy and Industry, Suhail Mohammad Faraj Al Mazroui, Mariam Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Food Security.

Vitamin D Launch in United Arab Emirates

There are lots of diseases which may occur due to the deficiency of Vitamin D.

below is the complete list:-

#Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.
#17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon)
#Heart disease.
#High blood pressure.
#Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes.
#Autoimmune diseases.
#Multiple sclerosis.

Proper level of Vitamin D will help to prevent many of these diseases.

People who is doing indoor activity most ot the time, they can not consume proper vitamin D.
The Vitamin D bottled still water is free from any flavours, colours and preservatives as of now. It can be drink on daily basis same like normal water.

Dr Rabih Kamleh, Senior vice-president of research and development at Agthia informed that the recommend daily allowance (RDA) for children above three years and adults is 600 international units (IU). Each 500ml bottle contains only 50 IU. If you consume one litre of water a day, you only get 100 IU”.
Its 330ml bottle contains only 33 IU of the RDA.

Though He inform that if a person is suffering from the deficiency of vitamin D. He/she needs to check with doctor, but still he/she can consume it and it will help him/her. This water is available at almost all supermarkets in Dubai.

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