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Big Ticket Series 192 Winners- 6 Indians, 3 Pakistani, 1 Emirati won Prizes

Big Ticket Series 192 Winners List #BigTicket
Big Ticket Series 192 Winners List #BigTicket

We bring the latest Big Ticket Series 192 Winners list. Big Prize won by Indian, Mr. DICKSON KATTITHARA  ABRAHAM. He is having big ticket number 012027. He won big prize of Aed 10,000,000. This amount is 18 Crore rupees in Indian currency. which is a very big amount.

2nd big prize goes to Mr. MANOHAR TIKAMDAS RUPRELL. He is also Indian and having big ticket lucky number 34677.  Mr. MANOHAR won Big prize of Aed 100,000 in the big ticket winners list 192.

3rd Big Prize won by Mr. Ghalib Jan Amir Jan. After long time any Pakistani winner come in the list. Many congratulations to him. He purchase his lucky ticket number 26890. Also he won big prize of Aed 90,000. This amount is equal to 2,846,770 Pakistani rupees.

4th Prize won by Indian as well. He is Mr. Rishal Farook Vazha Valappil Thotto with his lucky ticket number 42910. Won big prize of Aed 80,000 in the lucky draw on Sunday 3rd June 2018. It was indeed pleasant moment that he won big money.

In the consecutive series 5th, 6th and 7th Big Prizes are won by Indians.

9th Big Prize won by Emirati nationals. His name is Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Iqbal, with his lucky ticket number 91317. BIG prize of Aed 10,000 is given to him.

10th and last prize won by Pakistani nationality. Mr. Syed Najeel Haider having his lucky ticket 146384. He also won the big prize of Aed 10,000. This amount is equal to 314536 Pakistani Rupees. Which is a big amount for him.

Winners List

Big Ticket Series 192 Winners List
1st AED 10,000,000  STORE  DICKSON KATTITHARA  ABRAHAM  012027  India
3rd AED 90,000 STORE Ghalib Jan Amir Jan 26890 Pakistan
4th AED 80,000 STORE Rishal Farook Vazha Valappil Thotto 42910 India
5th AED 70,000 STORE Denny Michael 141388 India
6th AED 50,000 STORE Ranjith Kumar Ananda 95216 India
7th AED 30,000 WEB Jiji JOHN 11969 India
8th AED 20,000 STORE Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Iqbal 91317 Pakistan
9th AED 10,000 WEB Saleha Al Dhaheri 38248 United Arab Emirates
10th AED 10,000 WEB Syed Najeel Haider 146384 Pakistan

In the last couple of Big Ticket Series, All winners are from India. So users are having some doubt that why all winners from India only.

We would like to inform to all the viewers that 75 % to 80% Big Ticket buyers are from India. Mostly from South India. So winning chances are also more of Indians. But in the Big Ticket Series 192, six Indians, 3 Pakistani and one Emirati nationality won the Big Prizes. However this will clear the doubts of people that not only Indians win the prizes but anyone can win it.

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