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Businessman Win 1 million Dollar in Dubai Duty Free Draw Lucky Flyer

A businessman from Qatar who frequents Dubai has just become $1 million richer in Lucky flyer.

The Qatari national pick as the winner in the latest dollar millionaire draw promotion of Dubai Duty Free.

Based in Doha, the entrepreneur purchase the winning ticket only last month, just before boarding his flight back home.

“Buying a ticket to win $1 million has become a habit for me. Whenever I visit Dubai on business every two months,” said Abdu Hamid Zainel.

“Nonetheless, I was a little unsure when I receive a phone call from Dubai Duty Free telling me the news. It was not until my details were read over the phone that I realize that I have really become a millionaire,” he said.

Dubai Duty Free also hand over a $1 million cheque to Venugopal Passam. An Indian national live in Sharjah, whose ticket also drawn a few weeks earlier.

Passam happy to visit Dubai Duty Free and according to his comment : “I’m so excited about my win and would like to extend a big thank you to Dubai Duty Free for such a wonderful promotion and a memorable day.”

Duty Duty free offer 1000 lucky draw tickets for winning $ 1 Million. Draw announce when customer purchase all the tickets.  Winners get usually call by Dubai Duty free officials.

Dubai Duty Free Lucky Raffle Information

There are some guidelines and instructions from Dubai Duty Free to the users. “Please Don’t Entertain anyone if users got any call from any number calming that they are from Dubai Duty & Asking for money”.

Also if Any suspicious mail from gmail, Aol or Yahoo etc. If you got any call or email like this, Please don’t attend it or inform to Dubai Duty Free Officials.

Though One user can buy any number of tickets.

Along with $ 1 Million lucky raffle, there are other luxury car and Super Bike series also there.

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